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Axe & Elm LLC stands out as a premier metal fabrication shop near San Antonio, TX, spearheaded by the talented local artist Joshua Gilleland. Specializing in custom fabrication, our team excels in creating unique artwork, custom furniture, and robust structural components. With expertise in TIG, MIG, and STICK welding, we handle a diverse range of materials to meet all your metal and steel fabrication needs. Our skills extend beyond metalwork to include professional woodworking and painting, ensuring that every project is a masterpiece tailored to your specifications.

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Introducing Joshua Gilleland, the visionary owner of Axe & Elm LLC, a distinguished metal fabrication shop near San Antonio, Texas. Specializing in a wide range of custom fabrication services, Joshua and his team excel in producing unique artwork, bespoke furniture, and structural solutions tailored to your needs. With a profound capability in TIG, MIG, and STICK welding across various materials, Axe & Elm LLC also prides itself on its woodworking and painting expertise, ensuring every project is a testament to quality and craftsmanship.

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